Sorry for the lack of posting over the last week, but I have been really really busy working on job applications. My work has now paid off, I start a new job on Wednesday. I won’t give everyone the name of the company, but I will say that it is doing networking installs, configs, documentation, and in coming months will hopefully move into more of a network design type role. I am really really looking forward to getting back to work (I wonder if I will say that in a few weeks)!!

The other great thing about the job is I get a company car. This is new territory for me, so I guess it means I will be going out to see clients a lot!! I always liked that aspect at GU, getting out of the office and seeing something different is always great to break up the days. In my new job I doubt I will really need to break up the days, there is so much to learn, and I really want to give it a good crack. I think this is certainly what I need, moving into the private sector. I really loved working at GU, it was a top place to work, people were mostly good, and it gave me so much experience, however I think this is the right time to move my career along. Maybe one day I would like to return to GU, but I guess we never really know what the future will bring.

On another note I have now finished unpacking all my stuff, and have got my room at Dad’s place sorted out. I have the computer setup, and the wardrobes have been cleaned and are now somewhat organised. I have also cleaned up some space for Britty when she arrives in about 4 weeks. I am so looking forward to her coming, it has only been a week since I saw her, but I am missing Britty so much! Every afternoon I would look forward to that knock on the door of our flat in Kiel, when Britty would walk through. I guess in the coming months it will be the opposite way around when I return from work.

I have also had a lot of questions about this blog. In the future I will continue to blog, mostly for those people that don’t get to see and hear what Britty and myself are up to. I am still planning on finishing the Amsterdam post, and my last days in Europe.

Hope to catch up with all you Australian based people soon (if I haven’t already). Keep well. Scott

Happy New Year

Hi everyone, just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Tomorrow when I get some time I will post our new years celebration’s photos.

Back in Kiel

Well after about 1 month travelling, I am finally back in Kiel for the rest of my stay in Germany. Today Britty and myself drove back from Halle in Eastern Germany. In a way I am very happy to be back, and am looking forward to sleeping on my own bed again.

I have downloaded the photos and will start to post them in the comings days. For now it is time to catch up on some sleep. Check back again soon. Scott

Now in Nürnberg

Yesterday Britty and myself drove to Nürnberg from the south of Germany. On this trip we have been using a GPS Navigation System for directions. The system has helped so much, and is brilliant. The only thing it cant seem to do is direct us around traffic. Yesterday we got caught in 3 different traffic jams, two of them taking about an hour to get through. The first one was caused by road works. For some strange reason here in Germany no one seems to worry about closing lanes in peek hour, meaning there was a 15KM traffic jam for no real reason. The second jam really had no cause, but lasted for even longer. The trip in total took us 5 hours, to travel about 350KMs. Bit suck full really.
Anyway today we explore Nürnberg. I think we will take a look at the city centre and the famous markets. Should be fun. Bye for now. Scott

Halfway through Germany Trip

Hi everyone. Britty and myself are currently in Munich. Munich is a really really cool city with so much to do after the sun goes down. So far we have tried to local pubs and consumed quite a bit of beir. On Monday we went to the famous Hofbräuhaus and I couldn’t help but have a 1L beir!
Tonight we are heading out for some more drinks with one of Brittys friends. The weather has turned cold today so I guess we will sample the Glühwein (hot red wein with a nip of Rum) at the Munich Christmas Markets.
Today we also went to the Concentration Camp at Dachau. It was a pretty werid feeling being in the place were some 30 000 people were killed by the Nazis back in the 30s and 40s. The video is pretty sick, but it gives a very accurate picture of what happened back then.
On Friday we are going to drive down toward the Austrian Border to see the famous castle Neuschwanstein (Disney Castle). Once we finish there will we then head to Nürnberg for the next stop in our adventure.
Hope all is well where ever you maybe. Scott and Britty

Tour of Germany, Goodbye Germany

Britty and myself are just about to leave on our tour of Germany. First stop is to pickup Britty’s Dad’s car from Bargstedt, then we head on our way to Köln.

On another matter I have worked out when I will leave Germany for the sunnier sky’s of Oz. I am scheduled to leave here on the 4th of Feb. I have moved the flight from Frankfurt to Amsterdam to see one final destination before heading home. At this stage I am hoping that Britty will be able to follow by the start of May!!!!

I will endeavor to post a few times while we are away. Catch you all soon, Scott

Italy, Venice

After my trip to Rome, I then moved onto Venice. I took the Italian Euro Star train, which was fast and quite comfortable. The Journey took about 4.5 hours from Rome’s main train station.

I spent 3 nights in Venice which I found to be more than enough time to see the sites. I think Venice is a very beautiful city, and is most certainly a place you should go with your partner. However if you are traveling by yourself, I would recommend only a couple of nights. From my experience there really doesn’t seem to be much of a nightlife, and once the shops close the streets are pretty much deserted. I even found a few book stores that opened longer than the pubs!

I took lots of photos of the city here are just a few.

Photo of Basilica Di Dan Marco. Very busy area of Venice and very nice.

One of the beautiful little back canals.

I took this picture while taking a water ferry. This is the Grand Canal.

Picture of the Rialto Bridge. One of only three bridges that currently cross the Grand Canal.

A shot from the Rialto Bridge of the Grand Canal.

I have also created a photo album for my photos of Venice. You can find it here.

Tomorrow Britty and myself are heading for our next trip to Koln, Munich, Nuernberg, and Halle. I will finish the rest of my Italy trip posts when I get back in 2 weeks. Now I must sleep, we have a 5 hour drive tomorrow!!!!

Until next time. Scott