Too long ago

It has been far too long since making a post on my blog! Way way too long a time has gone by, and even this post is a quick one.

I have been working now for about 4 weeks and so far I am really enjoying the job. Starting to learn the ins and outs of the company, and learning more and more about business daily.

Britta is now here in Australia! She has been here for just over a week, and I am really enjoying having her back here with me. We are now working on getting the visa, and on the weekend we bought a car!! Toyota for those that are interested.

The weekend is all but over, and it is time to sleep and get ready for the upcoming week. I still haven’t forgotten about making a post about our Amsterdam trip, and will do a proper catch up soon.

Best to all! Scott

Back in OZ

Well I am back in Australia! That is the first time I have taken a flight from Europe to Brisbane non stop, and it is not much fun. I am not good at sleeping on planes, I really couldn’t get comfortable, so all up I think I went about 35 hours before I got some sleep. Even then the sleep wasn’t the best sleep because as soon as the sun was up, so was I. I have been use to the sun rising about 9am, now coming home and having it up by 5am really throws you out. I guess I will get use to it in the next few days.

Now it is onto searching for jobs. So far things are looking ok so I will keep everyone posted. Over the next few days and the weekend, I will do my best to catch up with people. Hope to see you soon.

I will also try to post the photos from Britty and my trip to Amsterdam. We used Britty’s Mum’s camera this time, so I need to get them uploaded to google before I can make the post. Amsterdam is a very cool and interesting city, with so much to do, and so much money to spend. I will post them in the coming days.

Hope everyone is well, and see the Australian people soon!

Great way to cool beer, and final day!!

After moving Saturday, I decided to have a few drinks to celebrate. In Germany, who needs a freezer when you have Mother Nature.

Also today is my final day in Germany. Tomorrow it is off to Amsterdam. Really really looking forward to that. I think tonight we will also have a few drinks to celebrate. Maybe everyone in Germany will celebrate me leaving! :=) We have a huge bottle of champagne that was given to Britty and myself by Sabine and Terry as a going away present! We will be sharing it with the rest of Britta’s family tonight. It is just too big for us to drink by ourselves.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone in Germany that has helped make my stay so wonderful. The time here has been fantastic, and has let me experience the German way of life. I really really like the culture here, and I look forward to seeing you all again in the future!

Moving Sucks

Today made the move from Kiel to Brittys parents place. I have to say that after today, I think moving is the worst thing you will ever do. It completely sucks, but I guess you cant really do anything about it. If you need to move, you need to move. When Britty and myself both have jobs, I will sure as hell get someone to move for me. I think it will most certainly be worth the money.

Still continuing on the moving theme, tomorrow we have to clean. Now we have finally moved all the stuff, we will spend at least a day cleaning. What fun!!! I just cant wait until it is all over.

Anyways bye for now. Hope you all have a great Sunday.

Last Night in Kiel

Tonight is our last night in Kiel. Tomorrow we move all our stuff back to Britty’s parents house, then next week its off to Amsterdam!! Then it is back to OZ to look for work.

It is a funny feeling to be packing everything up, Kiel has been such a cool place to live, and I have had some great times here. Looking back over the time, we have certainly had a lot of excitement. Summer was especially good, the weather was fantastic and there was so much to do. Going to the beach, riding the bikes, and just generally spending as much time outside as possible was really nice. Not to mention the World Cup, Kieler Week, and the fun associated with those events!

Now that winter is here we are obviously spending a lot more time inside, and without the fast Internet access I think I would have gone nuts. Sometimes though it is really nice to go outside in the really really fresh winter air, and over the last weeks we have been going out for a run at night. I have really enjoyed the change in Temperature, and the change in general. I am still however looking forward to the warm Brissy weather. I will be nice to see the sun most days.

Today finally produced some snow!!!! Yes, on the last day in Kiel, it snowed. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go outside in the snow and take some photos. Only a few centimetres of snow fell, but it was enough to give everything a white covering. You can check out the photos here, and the best below.

The view out the window toward the car park.


The view out the back window of our place, or should I say old place.


The kids playground over the road.


Cars completely covered in snow.


The small intersection on the other side of the car park.


A random front yard covered with snow.

I think I remember doing some blog posts about my plan to collect the beer bottles of the beers I try here in Germany. Well yesterday I placed the bottles I collected on the table, and this is the result. There were some really nice ones, but after trying all these I still don’t know what my favorite is.

I actually didn’t gain too much weight from trying all these beers! Bit surprising really.

Well that just about does this post. Tomorrow I am going to pack up my computer for the trip home. So this is actually my last post from my own computer in Germany!! Have a great weekend where ever you are, and if you live in Australia, see you soon.


Less than 1 week left in Germany

Time is absolutely flying by now!! Days are moving so fast, and my time in Germany is almost over. Next Wednesday Britty and myself leave for Amsterdam for our 4 night stop over, before I head back to the land of OZ, and Britty comes back to Germany for another 5 weeks!

Over the last week I have started applying for jobs. So far I have but in about 4 applications, and there are many more I will go for. The market for IT in Australia seems to be pretty good at the moment so I am hoping I can find something challenging.

This weekend we have the move out of our place here in Kiel! So far we have taken quite a few loads of stuff back to Britty’s parents, but on Saturday we need to move the bigger stuff. The fact that this place is quite small probably makes the move bearable, but moving is still on my list of most hated activities!

Over the past few days the weather has been quite good here. Today I actually saw the sun!! We have had a little bit of snow, but still no major falls. I am hoping that next week the heavens will open and produce some good falls! Forecast looks pretty good!!

In the next few days I will post some photos from our party on the weekend…

Until then, keep well.

Less than 3 weeks of Grey Skies

There are now less than 3 weeks before I head back to Australia on the 4th of February, and in that time we have to finish moving out of our place here, have a going away party this Saturday night, and take a trip to Amsterdam which is our last trip in Europe for the foreseeable future.

Over the past two months the weather here has been terrible, and I have not seen the sun at all. In a way I don’t mind the change, but I would really have liked to have seen a real winter. So far the temperature is only going down to about 1 or 2 degrees at night, and during the day it is hanging about 7 or 8. There still has not been any real snow, and I am starting to doubt whether I will see any before I come home. Let’s hope!!

As for Britty’s coming to Australia, we are hoping for sometime in March! Lets keep our fingers crossed!