Why is it so: UCCX Chrome Support (or lack of)

I recently worked on a UCCX 9 to 10 upgrade. First thing I tried after finalising the upgrade wasn’t the new features, it was browser support! I remember saying to my colleague, “surely they support it now!” But to my surprise, I clicked into UCCX from Chrome and found the same issue with the drop down menus! No change, no improvement, no freakin’ way!

I find it hard to believe Cisco does not support Google Chrome in Cisco Unified Contact Centre Express (UCCX). It works in other products. The lack of consistency is inexcusable…

According to Forbes, Chrome now has over 20% of marketshare which exceeds Firefox, which is of course supported. Come on, how hard would it be to fix the menus! It would take almost no time, it’s probably a 5 minute change to improve user experience…

So I raised a TAC Case, after all we pay big bucks to get support, only to get given the same old “we don’t support it, speak to your account team”.

What a joke! Please Cisco get this sorted…

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