Thanks to the Packet Pushers!

A few years back I came across the Packet Pushers Podcast, which introduced me to a new medium for learning. Since then I’ve listened to every episode ever recorded! Prior to Packet Pushers I’d heard of Software Defined Networking, Storage, etc, but it wasn’t until I listened to Greg Ferro and Ethan Banks show, I really begun to understand where the industry was going and how new technologies could be useful in my day job.

If you’re new to networking or IT in general and haven’t heard of the Packet Pushers, check it out! From a personal perspective I subscribe to the “Fire Hose”. It provides access to all of the shows including Packet Pushers, The Network Break and the Community Show. Even the odd server guy will benefit from the podcast and will enjoy some occasional banter about why the problem is never the network!

I would like to thank Greg and Ethan for everything they do for the community. You guys inspired me to create my own blog, hopefully my thoughts and ideas will help others, like yours have helped me.

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