Sorry for the lack of posting over the last week, but I have been really really busy working on job applications. My work has now paid off, I start a new job on Wednesday. I won’t give everyone the name of the company, but I will say that it is doing networking installs, configs, documentation, and in coming months will hopefully move into more of a network design type role. I am really really looking forward to getting back to work (I wonder if I will say that in a few weeks)!!

The other great thing about the job is I get a company car. This is new territory for me, so I guess it means I will be going out to see clients a lot!! I always liked that aspect at GU, getting out of the office and seeing something different is always great to break up the days. In my new job I doubt I will really need to break up the days, there is so much to learn, and I really want to give it a good crack. I think this is certainly what I need, moving into the private sector. I really loved working at GU, it was a top place to work, people were mostly good, and it gave me so much experience, however I think this is the right time to move my career along. Maybe one day I would like to return to GU, but I guess we never really know what the future will bring.

On another note I have now finished unpacking all my stuff, and have got my room at Dad’s place sorted out. I have the computer setup, and the wardrobes have been cleaned and are now somewhat organised. I have also cleaned up some space for Britty when she arrives in about 4 weeks. I am so looking forward to her coming, it has only been a week since I saw her, but I am missing Britty so much! Every afternoon I would look forward to that knock on the door of our flat in Kiel, when Britty would walk through. I guess in the coming months it will be the opposite way around when I return from work.

I have also had a lot of questions about this blog. In the future I will continue to blog, mostly for those people that don’t get to see and hear what Britty and myself are up to. I am still planning on finishing the Amsterdam post, and my last days in Europe.

Hope to catch up with all you Australian based people soon (if I haven’t already). Keep well. Scott

4 thoughts on “Job

  1. Whoaaaah! That is awesome Scooto. Great to hear that you have found a job, and one in the private sector. I’m sure you will make the transition well. Just give it a couple of months and you will feel like you have always worked in private. I look forward to hearing more in the future, and how it works out. Will probably be a similiar transition that I had, with having to visit clients/customer; but like you say, it gets you out of the office, out there with people. It is challenging, for sure, but it pays off.


  2. ScottWelcome home. We have missed you. Great to hear about your job. Hope you enjoy it. When Britty gets to Oz hope you can maybe take some time and come to Cairns, even for a weekend. Geoff and Rosy have gone to Mt Isa and I am sure they would love a visit from you both. Another place you can ‘holiday’. Although maybe not quite like ‘hotel de freeby’. Love you. Jen


  3. Awesome news mate. Truly awesome, well done. Glad it all worked out for you and you have somewhere to start work! Keep us updated as to how it’s going!Oh and Aunty Jenny… nothing compares to hotel de freeby 🙂


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