Less than 1 week left in Germany

Time is absolutely flying by now!! Days are moving so fast, and my time in Germany is almost over. Next Wednesday Britty and myself leave for Amsterdam for our 4 night stop over, before I head back to the land of OZ, and Britty comes back to Germany for another 5 weeks!

Over the last week I have started applying for jobs. So far I have but in about 4 applications, and there are many more I will go for. The market for IT in Australia seems to be pretty good at the moment so I am hoping I can find something challenging.

This weekend we have the move out of our place here in Kiel! So far we have taken quite a few loads of stuff back to Britty’s parents, but on Saturday we need to move the bigger stuff. The fact that this place is quite small probably makes the move bearable, but moving is still on my list of most hated activities!

Over the past few days the weather has been quite good here. Today I actually saw the sun!! We have had a little bit of snow, but still no major falls. I am hoping that next week the heavens will open and produce some good falls! Forecast looks pretty good!!

In the next few days I will post some photos from our party on the weekend…

Until then, keep well.

2 thoughts on “Less than 1 week left in Germany

  1. Wow! That is so great that you got to see snow in Kiel before you left! That is unreal. I knew you wanted to see that.You know, it’s a real pity that I just did not get the time/chance to go to Germany to visit you guys. I guess next time I see you and Britty will be in Australia, which will be in a year!I hope you guys get to try the UK next. Then I will visit you there! =)It’s been great reading your blog too =) Take it easy, enjoy Amsterdam!


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