Less than 3 weeks of Grey Skies

There are now less than 3 weeks before I head back to Australia on the 4th of February, and in that time we have to finish moving out of our place here, have a going away party this Saturday night, and take a trip to Amsterdam which is our last trip in Europe for the foreseeable future.

Over the past two months the weather here has been terrible, and I have not seen the sun at all. In a way I don’t mind the change, but I would really have liked to have seen a real winter. So far the temperature is only going down to about 1 or 2 degrees at night, and during the day it is hanging about 7 or 8. There still has not been any real snow, and I am starting to doubt whether I will see any before I come home. Let’s hope!!

As for Britty’s coming to Australia, we are hoping for sometime in March! Lets keep our fingers crossed!

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