Munich Germany 2006 – Part 2

Our final day in Munich started with a trip to the Englischer Garten. The garden was still very nice, even in Winter, however there were no nude swimmers on the day we were there! Bit too cold I think!

A triumphal arch on the way to the Englischer Garten.


On the way we also came across this on the front of the news paper. It states that Munich is having the warmest climate in 1300 Years. No snow at all!


Britty and myself posing in front of the lake in the garden.


Then it was to the Chinese Tower for another photo.

After the Englischer Garten we headed to the new soccer stadium in Munich, were many World Cup games were held, and the home of Bayern Munich and TSV 1860 Munich the German Bundesliga. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time for a tour.

Me in front of the stadium.

Then we headed back into Munich to continue searching for Britty’s birthday present. On the way I snapped the photos below. And yes, we found a great present!

Munich has quite a few shops selling the famous coo coo clock.


Munich main square just before the sun went down. The square is full of Christmas Markets.


Britty and myself enjoying a nice hot wine at the Christmas Markets on the site of Oktoberfest.

Well that just about does it for Munich. Munich is a great city, and both Britty and myself would love to live their one day. I guess it will depend on what happens in the future. In the coming days I will post the photos from Nuernberg!

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