I didn’t even realise!!!

When I am on the road, I usually post to the blog via email. It is quick and easy, and means you don’t need to bother logging into blogger (this is especially good when Internet Cafe computers don’t have Firefox!!). I just write a standard email, remove my usual footer, and then hit send. Within seconds the blog is up-to-date.

Thing is, when posting via email, you can’t see your post counter. When I finally logged back in today, to my surprise I found I have reached 100 posts!! This is huge for me, considering when I think back a few years I doubt I would have even entertained the idea of starting a blog, nether lone maintaining one.

In years gone by, I hated writing full stop! When I was at school, I hated English so much because it meant I had to read and write, and that took time. I much preferred to spend my time playing basketball, or working out in the gym with Adam. The last thing I would have considered was making time to write.

Today though I feel differently, and really enjoy working on my blog. Sure much of my blog is pictures of places I have visited, or just minor things about Germany that are different to home, but some of these posts have taken a lot of time to prepare and for that I feel reasonably proud.

When I look back over my blogs history, I am pretty happy with the way it has turned out. The blog provides me with a complete record of the events of my trip. It has photos, names of places, names of people I have met, and things I like and dislike about Germany and the other places I have stopped along the way.

The other great thing about the blog is the readers. Most blogs out there only have one reader, and that is the author, but I have to say I have a few more than that. People from all over the world have stopped by my website on occasion, and I have received good and bad comments (mostly good of course!!). People wishing Britta and myself well, people complementing me on some of the photos, and people having their say on things. For me blogging has been about my trip, and keeping people informed about what I am up to. For others it is about so many different things! That’s what makes blogging cool.

So now I have reached 100 posts, I have to focus on creating the next 100. In February my time in Germany comes to an end, and I will have to rethink blog content. That gives me about 7 weeks to think and come up with some new ideas!

Until then though I still have lots of material to work with. Catching up on recent trips, Christmas is on the way, New Year, moving out of our place here, a going away party, and our visit to Amsterdam to fly home to OZ. Its going to be a busy 7 weeks!!!

So thank you to everyone that has contributed to my blog over the first 100 posts. Thank you to all the people that just read, and of course a great thanks to Google for making blogger available to the millions out there! I hope people have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed writing. Scott

2 thoughts on “I didn’t even realise!!!

  1. ScottI just want to thank you for the past 100 blogs. As you know Grahame and I visited alot of these places just 18 short months ago. To see these places brings back so many good memories. To be able to keep in touch with you in this way has meant the world to us. As you know I am not only reading these but printing and laminating them into a books, one for your mother and one for us to keep. This will be a book that I will treasure and will also give your mother someting to treasure. Keeping Blogging and please give our love to Brita and her family. We hope you both have a wonderful Xmas and a safe new year. You work hard to bring Brita back to us. We miss you and look forward to seeing you both soon. Love you alwaysJenny and Grahame


  2. Top effort mate. It’s been an interesting ride following your journey and thanks for sharing. It’s been awesome to see some of those places even if I haven’t physically been there.As any great cricketer will tell you thought mate you’re absolutely right, now you’ve got 100 you need to celebrate it and then concentrate on the next 100!


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