Now in Nürnberg

Yesterday Britty and myself drove to Nürnberg from the south of Germany. On this trip we have been using a GPS Navigation System for directions. The system has helped so much, and is brilliant. The only thing it cant seem to do is direct us around traffic. Yesterday we got caught in 3 different traffic jams, two of them taking about an hour to get through. The first one was caused by road works. For some strange reason here in Germany no one seems to worry about closing lanes in peek hour, meaning there was a 15KM traffic jam for no real reason. The second jam really had no cause, but lasted for even longer. The trip in total took us 5 hours, to travel about 350KMs. Bit suck full really.
Anyway today we explore Nürnberg. I think we will take a look at the city centre and the famous markets. Should be fun. Bye for now. Scott

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