Halfway through Germany Trip

Hi everyone. Britty and myself are currently in Munich. Munich is a really really cool city with so much to do after the sun goes down. So far we have tried to local pubs and consumed quite a bit of beir. On Monday we went to the famous Hofbräuhaus and I couldn’t help but have a 1L beir!
Tonight we are heading out for some more drinks with one of Brittys friends. The weather has turned cold today so I guess we will sample the Glühwein (hot red wein with a nip of Rum) at the Munich Christmas Markets.
Today we also went to the Concentration Camp at Dachau. It was a pretty werid feeling being in the place were some 30 000 people were killed by the Nazis back in the 30s and 40s. The video is pretty sick, but it gives a very accurate picture of what happened back then.
On Friday we are going to drive down toward the Austrian Border to see the famous castle Neuschwanstein (Disney Castle). Once we finish there will we then head to Nürnberg for the next stop in our adventure.
Hope all is well where ever you maybe. Scott and Britty

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