Sweeping in Autumn

As I have said on a number of occasions it is now autumn in Germany. The temperature is dropping, the clouds are here most of the time, and there is normally a howling wind blowing. These conditions are excellent for deciduous trees to drop their leaves anywhere and everywhere.

In my spare time, I have been helping Britty’s Mum keep her driveway relatively clear from leaves. This is not an easy task considering just how many tress there are around the yard. Its almost like the trees are trying to spite me. I sweep up some leaves, then within minutes some more drop!! Or maybe that’s just gravity!! 🙂 I guess there is no way to get every single leaf, but at least I try. Today I took a couple of shots whilst working. Thought I would do some before and afters.

When I arrived this was the scene near Charlie’s dog house.

A longer view of the paved area. Leaves everywhere.

Arh that’s better!!! After the hours of sweeping.

The drive way before before.

And After!

Ok. Just to prove it was me, here is the photo evidence. I also have witnesses.

Charlie was much happier when the leaves were gone!

In the comings weeks I am going to Italy so there will be no sweeping, however
Petra (Britty’s Mum) informed me there will be heaps more when I get back! Can’t wait for that!!!!

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