Old house

For those of you that knew me well before this blog will remember the house that I use to live in at Wynnum. For those who have never been to the old house, met me recently, or perhaps never at all, I use to live with my parents and they owned a Queensland style house within a suburb of Brisbane called Wynnum.

I spent 23 years in the house in Wynnum, and got to know it very well. It was where we played countless games of Cricket in the backyard, I would practice my basketball like crazy in the backyard, we would kick the footy, or soccer ball, and as we got older, the house was the scene for heaps of parties including my 21st birthday.

A couple of months before I left for Germany, Mum and Dad sold the house to go their separate ways. When they sold it, it wasn’t in the best condition, but in my opinion it was still very nice. This house always had potential, and would be really nice one day if someone decided to give it some tender love and care.

Well that day has arrived. After Mum and Dad sold it, the new owners started the renovations. Before I left I took this photo of the old place.

As you can see it was under pretty heavy renovations. I also took a photo of inside, just for the memories.
This was the main living area up stairs for people that do not know. The kitchen was to the left of the photo and the main room was through the door.

Ok now its time for the new photos. I was alerted to this by a friend from school who drove past and saw the change. The link for the site is here. Thanks to the site for the photos! As you will see the change is pretty big. The place looks great.

The place from the street. Looks a little different to the way it use to be. I love the door in the front. Also there is a fence!!!! The new family can have a dog!

And from the back. The back deck looks really really good. I have to say it is much much better then the old one! 🙂

I think this is the new down stairs bathroom. For those of you that remember the way it was it is now a little bit bigger!!

A close up of the back deck.

I think the website says this is a pool room. This was where my old room was! What a huge change.

Mum will be happy because they kept the nice polished floors, and the little area their for the TV. Looks great.

Right where that stove is was a window. Great idea to close up the window.

This is the most amazing bit for me. There use to be a small entrance way here, and the stairs were never ever complete. Looks brilliant.

A view toward the back yard. Many of the trees look the same. Just wondering why there is no pool.

The open plan up stairs is great. I think this shot is taken from where the dinning room was.

Ok, now for the price. I would never have guessed they would even considered putting so much money on the place, but they have. If you want it, you can have it for only $899 000. It took Mum and Dad over 1 year to sell the house. Wonder how long it will take this time. I don’t really think I would fancy taking out a loan for 900K, especially when the RBA keep raising rates. But then again, anyone considering this place would have to have a huge deposit, if not all the capital.

Anyway, I was stunned when I saw it, and now seeing what it could have been like I want it back! Maybe one day I could afford to buy it back… haha wishful thinking!

Bye for now. Scott

3 thoughts on “Old house

  1. It looks extremely nice after the reno! But I cannot help but wonder if the amount they appear to have spent has over capitalised them given it’s now in its own class in that street/area and may be harder to sell. Time will tell


  2. Woah! I have a lot of childhood memories of that house, of watching it change over the years. With the addition of the shed, the cricket pitch, the back and side gardens… but never have I seen it change that much!!It’s almost unrecognisable!! Dramatic transformation!I’m interested in what Josh said… it does look stunning and does seem to stand out now on that street… from what I remember of the street anyway!


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