Layout Update

Thanks to everyone that made suggestions regarding my new layout. Most of the suggestions I really liked so I implemented them in one form or another. I have changed the header picture now, and I think it is acceptable. It is not quite wide enough, so if you have a huge display or really high res you will find that it repeats itself. I will clean this up another time.

I have also changed the code so that it should make viewing the site in lower resolutions than 1280×1024 less problematic. It should resize now, however if you are using 800×600 there are no guarantees. One other word of warning for those IE users out there. I have not tested the site with IE (yes I will do it one day) so if you experience problems please make a comment. Of course I recommend that everyone out there downloads firefox as soon as possible!

The power of blogger templates is just brilliant, there is so much you can do if you have the time. For now I do, so I will keep experimenting.

4 thoughts on “Layout Update

  1. Colours are very nice, it all blends in nicely the way it should. I can’t remember the exact css code for the image but I’m pretty certain it’s just background-repeat: none; to stop it repeating. But a picture banner up the top is a great idea, I’d definitely keep it. What you could do is get a really wide image (say 2000 pixels) and have it so when the div it’s in is smaller then that you just lose the edges….I think it’d be interesting anyway. And given that most of the information in the side is just links of text, how about a javascript (or widget) like you have for the archives for every list you have? That way most of it will be hidden and people can select what they want to display?But keep having fun and stick to what you want to do 🙂


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