Finally I am happy….

Well after many hours, and I mean many playing with my blogger template, I am reasonably happy with what I have come up with. It might not be the best looking blog out there, but as I keep reading and learning I will keep improving it.

Anyways all those readers out there, let me know what you think. O and please be nice! 🙂

Better get some sleep now, it is almost 3am. Scott

4 thoughts on “Finally I am happy….

  1. I think the grey is good, makes the contrast less and therefore easier to read. I don’t like it how you’ve got sub information on both sides of the content however, I find that confusing and I can’t read the title in the image up the top. And I don’t like the way it doesn’t resize.All personal opinions, but you did ask 🙂 And people in greenhouses shouldn’t throw stones I know, but I do have plans for my blog to make it better!


  2. Hey guys thanks for the comments. Totally agree with the text at the top Ben. Don’t like it yet, but this was something I could live with and is mainly just because I have a really poor quality image that I need to fix. When I work out how to use GIMP I will sort it.Yeah maybe organisation of data down the sides should be a bit more logical. The reason I went with three columns is because it is different to most blogs that use standard templates.What do you think Bruce I lightened the Grey slight. I agree that it was too dark before hand. That CSS and custom blogger stuff is pretty damn good. Man google are smart. Anyways thanks again.


  3. This is the 2nd time I’ve typed up a big comment and had to sign in as a different user and lost it. Grr.I like it. Blue is my favourite colour. I love the picture banner across the top, although absolutely agree the text needs to be fixed up as it ruins the effect.Disagree on Ben’s comment re: the sidebars. I have been thinking of trying to do one on each side too. There just isn’t enough real estate in the one… you have to make ppl keep scrolling to see everything you put in there.Overall I love the new look, it’s fresh and interesting. Can’t wait to see what else you do with it… I got a few ideas on things you could try if you want to know… just ask.


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