Winter Snow!

Last week we saw the first snow fall of the Winter here in Kiel. There wasn’t that much, but there was enough for me to snap a photo through the window. You might have to click on the photo to actually see the snow!

Other than that there isn’t that much happening here at the moment. I am currently counting down until my trip to Italy, and then counting down until Britty and myself take off to Munich.

I have also started to update my CV details for my impending return to Australia. I am going to start looking for jobs in January before I leave Germany. The quicker I get a job back home, the quicker we can start deciding where to live next year. I have really enjoyed this break from work, but in a way I am really looking forward to getting back into it.

When I get back to OZ I really want to get back into Networking and Project Management. Before I left Australia I took on a position that I should have no way taken. I had my reasons, but everyday I use to count down the seconds until it was time to leave. This time I really want to avoid this situation, and hopefully I can find a workplace where I can improve and become a valuable member of the organisation. I guess I will have to wait and see.

5 thoughts on “Winter Snow!

  1. I’m sure you’ll do well Scotto, especially if you join a private company, and joined the elite club =P but take your time, get any job first then look around, advance. Remember when we used to sit in the Science common room for afternoon tea, haha, talking about all the chumps hehe. Ahh, were the days, hehe. We would really hang out for our arvo tea, playing pool and morning tea, and lunch etc; and discuss the ration of chumps at Griffith hehe.


  2. I am looking forward to finding a job again. When I get back I will look around but I need a job fast because getting work quickly helps Britty and myself. At this stage I am certainly not picky when it comes to work. I would even look back toward my old employer if need be. Making sure Britty and myself are together is the most important thing to me. If anyone out there knows any good places to work, please leave a comment! 🙂 Why not network online!


  3. Definitely, a job anywhere is a first priority, doesn’t have to be forever, just a couple of years if need be to get settled, finish the Visa process etc. I wish I knew some people in Australia that could help you though… maybe try some of the old vendors you used to deal with, if they got anything going on.


  4. I know I don’t work for the “elite club” but I will keep an eye out for you amongst jobs that come across my radar. I know, and count as friends, everyone in Data Network Services so I’m sure I’ll hear of things happening in that field.


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