A few more photos.

Yesterday I was going over my photos and found a few that I forgot to post. I guess it just slipped my mind considering the party was only a few days before Britty and myself went to Mallorca.

These photos were taken in August at Britty’s Mum’s birthday party. The Party was also to celebrate the house turning 100 years old. The only downfall of the night was that it absolutely pissed down raining right when everyone was arriving. Up until the night of the party, the weather in Germany had been fantastic, but as is so often the case when you least want the rain it arrives.

Here are the photos.

All the cars parked in the yard with two excavators.

Britty’s parents, and friends made inside very very nice for the party. I have to take credit for the green wall though!

Inside when most people had arrived.

DJ “Axe” had the music pumping for the night.

Much to his disgust Charlie was initially kept outside, but when he was aloud in he was much more content.

Hanna and Lars opening another bier. Maybe Hanna should have stopped before this one! After this one she spent a lot of the night speaking to the porcelain god!

Britty’s mum dancing with her brother-in-law Volker.

Britty dancing with her Dad.

Britty’s very pregnant sister Kerstin, with Ingola (left), and Nadine (right). We were lucky the baby didn’t decide to show on this night!

All in all a everyone had a good night. The party lasted until well into the early hours of the morning. Much bier, and Korn was consumed.

Tschüss for now. Scott

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