Daylight saving is over

Daylight saving has finally finished here in Germany. We are now 9 hours behind Brisbane! Some of you might have realised the clock on my website reflected the change.

In a way this is good but it also means that now instead of the sun going down at 5:45 it goes down at 4:45pm. So by 5pm it is completely dark! This is very weird for me considering that in Brisbane the earliest the sun sets is about 5 mins to 5pm and that is on the shortest day of the year. I am really looking forward to complete darkness at 4pm!

It also means that the sun now rises at about 8am. Last week the sun was up by about 9am, making sleeping in very very easy.

They are also predicting that we might see snow here on Wednesday. If that happens it will be an early start to the season, but it will also be a very welcome change. Seeing something different over the next few months will be great. When I get home in February I am sure I will be coming home to some servilely hot weather. The cold might actually be good for a few months.

Hope everyone is well at home. Bye for now, Scott.

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