Hanna’s Birthday and Newest Igel Family Member

Last Sunday Britty’s youngest sister Hanna, invited us for dinner for her 20th birthday. She invited us to a restaurant in the town where Britty’s parents live. The afternoon started with some birthday cake about 3pm, and then we headed to dinner around 6pm.

The restaurant had a good selection of German good, and the meal was excellent value for money. It was also extremely tasty!! I took a couple of photos, check them out.

Photo taken by Britty. Nice shot of the back of Hanna’s head.

From the other side of the table.

Also on the topic of Britty’s family, you might recall sometime ago I mentioned that Britty’s sister Kerstin was expecting. Well in August she gave birth to a baby girl, “Anna-Lena Igel.” When she was born I was just her Aunty’s boyfriend, but now we are getting hitched, it means that next year sometime I will be come her Uncle. Woww!!!

Anna-Lena. Maybe she will be an orchestra conductor one day??

Also another piece of news on the marriage front. Later that night, Hanna’s boyfriend Lars also popped the question, and she accepted. That takes the total number of engagements in and around my family to 4 in the last couple of weeks. Man there must be something in the water at the moment!

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