Paris – Part 4

Day four in Paris started with Britty and myself trying to find the Museum of Modern Art. When we finally found it, it was closed. Next we decided we would go and visit the Picasso Museum. After we had navigated our way through the small back streets we came across a sign for the Museum. We followed it, and it lead to another sign. After walking for about 45 minutes we finally got there, and guess what? Yes that’s right, it was closed. Apparently not many museums open on Tuesdays! Wish my travel guide had of said that!!!

Given that most museums were closed we needed to see something so we decided we would go to the Ste Chapelle. The Lonely Planet Guide had mentioned it was stunning, so we decided to give it a go. The Ste Chapelle was built in 1248, and since then the Paris Law Courts have been built around the Chapelle. This meant to get to the building we were required to go through Law Court Security, which meant a wait in line.

It is hard to describe this building, I guess the best bet is just to post the pictures. Check them out.

A picture from outside the Law Courts on the opposite side of the road. The Ste Chapelle is obviously the tall building 🙂

Once we got through security Britty took this photo for me from outside the building.

When you walk in the door this is what you first see. Lots and Lots of colours, and stained windows. After seeing inside I was thinking, “Is that it?” But after doing a little exploring we found a set of stairs.

When we ascended this is what you see! The American guy in front of me said “O MY!” As we entered the room. The room was completed enclosed by stain glass windows. It was absolutely stunning. Louis the 9th once used this place to store sacred relics. I wonder what sort of stuff use to lie here.

One of the round windows in the church.

After our trip to Ste Chapelle, we decided that we would go and check out the Catacombes. In 1785 Paris was having issues with overflowing cemeteries so to solve the problem they created a mass grave. They used 3 old quarries to store peoples remains. The Catacombes is an example of one.

After we descended 20M we walked for about 1km underground. We then reached a doorway that said, “This is where the death begins.” Britty then decided to kiss a dead Parisian! Well almost! 🙂

This photo is only one tiny section of about 1.6kms of dead Parisians all piled on top of each other! Millions of people are “buried here!!”

Next it was off to the bottom of the Eiffel Tower to say goodbye to Scott and Anne who were heading to Dubai that night.

A photo I snapped while waiting.

After we said goodbye it was off to do a little more exploring on our last night. In our effort to find the Louvre one more time, we came across this fountain.

Not a bad photo considering the camera was sitting on the ground with a piece of paper pointing it upwards. No flash either.

After this we walked toward the Louvre because I really want to check it out at night.

A long exposure photo. It is a really nice area at night!

After this we took one more trip to the Eiffel Tower to see it at night. As always it looks so much better at night, but given the patent on the lights I am not meant to post a photo. After spending some time there, we then decided we would head back to the Hostel and get some sleep. Our flight was to leave Paris the next day at 9am, meaning we had about a 6am start.

Before leaving the hostel I managed to snap a couple of photos of our luxurious room.

The tap in the shower required you to keep the button pressed in. The water was mostly warm, but sometimes would go cold. I was defenantly not a custom to this type of setup in a hostel room. I have seen these on beaches, but not normally in paid accommodation.

Once again the old push in system. This wasn’t so much of a pain in the arse.

Our little bed. The pillow was very strange, and took me a while to adjust. For 60 Euros a night you can’t expect a palace!

Well that just about does it for our Paris Trip. Overall it was a fantastic trip, and Britty and myself had such a wonderful time. We met up with some friends from Australia, and saw so many great places and attractions, and as always enjoy each others company. We really fit a lot into our days, and didn’t waste anytime what so ever.

Just one more word of warning for anyone thinking about a Paris Holiday. Paris is very very expensive! Food is not cheap, and drinking is utterly ridiculous. At one place I paid 8.50 Euro for a beer!

Bye for now. Scott

4 thoughts on “Paris – Part 4

  1. Sounds like you had a great time. As previously stated I am very, very jealous. Mainly because I have always had a fascination with Paris that I don’t have with the vast majority of other major tourist destinations. One day I will go there and post heaps of photos and then you can relive memories 🙂


  2. I think anytime I see picture from Paris it will jog my memory. Maybe one day when Britty and myself live in Europe again you can come and visit us and show us your Paris pictures first hand.


  3. Wow. That looks so cool, I want to go to Paris just to visit all the places you and Britty visited, they look so cool in the photo’s you two have taken, I’d love to see it in real life.


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