We have a Winner!!!!!!

For those of you that are not normal readers of my blog, in a recent post I outlined the Ford vs Holden rivalry in our family. This rivalry is extremely fierce, and over the years we really have not had a clear winner.

As I said a few weeks ago, we have (or should I say had) one family that kind of sits on the fence. The Vhey´s have owned a number of different Fords and Holdens (amongst other cars). But now the Vhey´s have come forward and made a decision as to which camp they are in.

In a recent email from the Vhey´s, a family spokesperson made the following comments, and I quote:

<!–“So you know the Vhey´s really really love Holdens . yes we have changed camps but that was quite a while ago. We all agree about Bathurst none other than Peter Brock trained the winner of the 2006 Bathurst.”>

The Vhey´s also supported this decision by purchasing a beautiful new Holden SS. This was the photo I received from the family spokesperson:

What a beautiful fast car! The class, the quality of the Holden certainly wins out in the end. Well at least that is what over half our family thinks!!!!! I think it is fair to say that we have a winner!

3 thoughts on “We have a Winner!!!!!!

  1. And the rest of the family will continue to wonder where you all could have possibly inherited your genes from.If you ask Poppy he’ll tell you his blood be blue. Given he sired the five family members that connect the families in your voting pool I think his vote counts more than theirs therefore tipping the balance back into the blue corner :p


  2. Hmmm seems I logged into Google first which auto logged me into here when I went to comment… thought I would just point out that the above comment is mine and not some other Michael on your Mum’s side of the family who is your cousin 😛


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