Paris – Part 2

Paris day two started for Britty and myself with a walk in the park. We enjoyed a great night sleep, and Britty was able to mostly shake off the cold/flu that she had (which I seem to have now!!).

Here are the photos from our day two activities. I think we must have walked about 20KMs for the whole day, and we were both pretty sore that night.

One of the statues in the park heading toward the Louvre.

More photos from the park with the beautiful Paris buildings in the back ground.
More from the park.

When we got to the louvre we came across a Ferrari car meet. Most of the cars were from Germany. A great mix of old and new. That’s something you don’t see that often!!!

Another one of the Cars. I would love to give this one a test drive.

Inside the building of the Louvre. As far as I am aware there is no issues with taking photos in this section of the building.

The Louvre’s roof. This is such a great building.

More from inside.

The apartments of Napoleon the 3rd on the top floor of the building. Some amazing stuff in here.

At midday we were to meet Scott and Anne for a trip out of Paris to Chateau De Versailles. When we arrived they were busy sucking each others face!

Me and Britty outside the Chateau De Versailles. What a huge place this is. In the first section of the building they were crazy about people taking photos. I witnessed a woman staff member confiscate someones camera. What a drama this was. It was all happening.

The gardens of the Chateau De Versailles.

Scott and Anne enjoying the Gardens.

Then it was Britty’s and my turn for a photo.

After we returned from Chateau De Versailles, we decided to take a walk to the Eiffel Tower. Its such a nice place to sit and talk, and just enjoy the atmosphere.

From there we headed back to our part of town, and went to visit Sacré-Cœur basilica. We went inside for free because it was mass. I think this is my favourite building in Paris. It is situated on top of Monmartre, and is lit perfected. It certainly stands out of the Paris skyline.

Well that is part 2. More to come in the next days. Bye for now, Scott.

2 thoughts on “Paris – Part 2

  1. Wow, I sat and looked at your photos with envy. It was only 18 short months ago that Grahame and I were there at the same places as you and Britty went to. Of course when we saw the Tower by night it obviously wasnt as romantic as it was for you. Paris is a truly a magical city. We both hope to go back there one day and this time we will spend so much more time there. Isn’t the Louvre amazing. Look after yourselvesLove Jen


  2. A mate of mine at work went to Greece & France about a year or so ago. Came back laden with images. I was so jealous then and am again so now.Some amazing shots there and Paris looks like such a picturesque city. Very, very cool…


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