Back from Paris and ….

Britty and myself made it back from Paris today after what was a short, eventful, and very exhausting 4 days in Paris. We had a great time, saw so many things, and met up with Anne and Scott who were visiting the UK and France. It was certainly great to see them again!

We spent 3 full days exploring Pairs, and got our monies worth out of our Metro tickets. On the trip we visited:

8 thoughts on “Back from Paris and ….

  1. As usual in this family of ours Scotty I heard the news through other sources first :pCongratulations to you both on your engagement, am happy for the both of you and can’t wait to see you both again so we can celebrate this news in style.


  2. WOW! Congratulations!!! That is huge news! Enjoy the being engaged phase – pretty soon, you will be in the planning a wedding phase which is not nearly as much fun as you would think.. all the best from me, john and lachlan!


  3. Wow!!!! Huge news! Congrats on the engagement, there is nowhere more romantic to propose then in Paris too! hehe.Take care, all the best with the planning of it. Keep us updated via le blog =p


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