I have a confession to make!

For those readers that are not Australian or have never witnessed it first hand, there is a huge rivalry in Australia between two car manufacturers. Ford and Holden. In Australia there is a motor sport created especially, putting the two manufacturers up against each other. Almost every week the two different makes battle around race tracks mostly around Australia in an attempt to distinguish which is the better brand.

In my family the rivalry is particularly strong!!! We are divided pretty much down the middle. My family and the Doebs family are very passionate Holden supporters. The Jorgo’s, and the Janson’s are very passionate Ford supporters. The Vhay family is a bit of a split, with different members of the family owning a variety of Holden and Fords over the years.

This means there is always fireworks at our family gatherings!!! Of course we can never agree which is the better vehicle, and I am pretty sure this will never happen.

As I said I am a Holden supporter, but I also have a confession to make. Since coming to Germany I have been driving around in Britty’s car. It is, that’s right, you guessed it, a bloody Ford!! Check out the photos.

The little car runs quite well, and can get to 160KM/H on the autobahn.

Ok, I am driving a car with the Blue Oval!

I still maintain that in Australia I am a true Holden support, and in most cases I doubt I will ever buy a Ford. I must admit that Fords these days do look a lot better than they use to, and maybe they have caught up a little. Yes Fords have been performing well over the last few seasons of V8 Super Cars (these are not the typical Fords you see in Europe), but I still think they don’t look as good.

Here are a few pictures of Holden and Fords you see in Australia. You can see the Holdens look a lot better. 🙂

The grace and style of the Holden! Doesn’t it look awesome!

The box style and grace of the Ford, or the Blue Oval. You can see why I prefer Holden. 🙂

10 thoughts on “I have a confession to make!

  1. Oh very, very funny. Let’s put up a pic of a spanking new Monaro which is the top of the range Holden and put it next to a stock standard ridiculously old Falcon :)If I had the choice I’d still choose the Falcon… mainly because the new Monaro isn’t on sale anymore! :p


  2. Hmmm, I won’t tell which type of supporter my family is from typically. But I chose at an early age to go Jap, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, but not Toyota because they are too boring.If it’s not Jap, it’s crap =) is my saying, hehehehe. Now I drive a Honda, absolutely love it!


  3. Yeah honda’s are good, and they go well. I guess it is a matter of opinion, and lots of people say “Jap Crap”, instead of your version. I have had two Nissan’s as well, as my Astra (which is somewhat more European but still badges as a Holden), and my old HR Holden and I liked them all. I like to sample all types of cars, but next I would love to go European car like the A3, or a BMW! But I really need to do some saving before I can afford one of these in Aus.


  4. What a crock! As Mick said, putting an old Ford up against a top of the range Holden. For shame! Now, put up a new BA Falcon against the VE Commodore and everyone will see just how ugly holdens can be. Not that I’d choose either, they’re far too big. Go the MX-5! 🙂


  5. Just one comment about the Falcon Bathurst win. Who was the mentor and teacher of the Ford winner. None other than the greatest Holden driver of all times, Peter Brock.


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