Plans for next year and travel!

Well I am officially lazy!! Over the past week I have been far to lazy to write a blog post. It is really stupid because I really enjoy creating blog entries, but sometimes I just couldn’t be bothered. So today I have decided that I am going to break out of this state of laziness, and post something.

Over the 2 past weeks, Britta and myself have been seeking advice as to what we should do next year, and what is the best way for us to stay together. We decided we had a couple of options.

1. I come back to Australia, get a job, and then we work on getting Britty and Australian visa. This is quite a long process but it means we will be together, and we can make a life for ourselves in Australia. Once Britty gets a visa (yes I am thinking positive), we will both be able to work, and we can save for a place!!!

2. We both go and work in the UK. This would be good for travelling, but I think in the long term we will still have visa issues, and we will be required to go through the process of visa application anyway.

After getting some advice we have decided that next year we will try to come to Australia. At this stage I am looking at coming home some time in February, and then Britty will come to Australia when the visa is granted. This could take sometime, but we are very committed to each other, and we really want it to happen.

So that means I need to make the most of my final 4 or 5 months in Europe!!! Even though we really want to come back here again one day, who knows how long that might take.

Next weekend we are heading to Paris for 4 days. We are really looking forward to the trip, and we are also looking to catch up with Scott and Anne, who are currently visiting the UK.

In November I am also looking at doing some type of trip. I really haven’t made up my mind yet as to what sort of trip I will do. I really want to go to Italy and Spain, but I am not sure if I should do this myself, or with a tour group. When I decide I will create another post.

In December Britty has some holidays and we are looking to go on a bit of a tour of Germany, and maybe even the surrounding countries. We have to establish the route, find out if we can afford it, then make a decision.

Then it is Christmas time, and New Years! I would really love to go to Berlin for New Years, but maybe the other million people will turn me off the idea as we get closer.

Autumn is finally here! It is getting cold and I had to add some more clothes to my collection. I had to buy a winter jacket. When I first got here I was told that my Australian winter jacket was actually a German summer jacket. I have since found out that this is absolutely true, and yesterday I had no other option but to buy this huge, but very warm jacket. When I get a chance I will take a photo of me with all my winter clothes on! I have never been so rugged up in my life. It is a weird feeling, one that I will no doubt get use to. All these clothes mean you have to be organised when you do simple activities such as going to the gym. You rug up before you go, get to the gym, strip down, put stuff in a locker, work out, rug back up, get home, and take it all off again! It is bloody exhausting, and sometimes you think should I really be bothered! Especially when you get up at 8am and it is still dark, and all you can think about is just going back to sleep! Arh well at least it is something different.

It’s lunch time. Must eat! Have a good weekend where ever you are! Scott

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