Bremen Trip

Yesterday Britty and myself decided to visit Bremen, a city about 2 hours from Kiel. We had originally planed to go into Denmark, but in the end we were really happy with the decision to go south west rather than north. Here is a picture from Google maps, showing Bremen’s location in Germany.

Bremen is a city of 550 000 people. It is a nice city, which reminded me a little of Frankfurt, without the high rise buildings. Here are the pictures we took.

A look up the main shopping strip in Bremen toward the St Petri Dom, and City Hall.

Me standing in front of the very beautiful built Bremen City Hall. This area of the city is very nice, with shops, cafes, and heaps of places to sit in the autumn sun.

A closer picture of the St Petri Dom. This church is typical for Germany, with the Green roof that is usually the height of the skyline.

This statue was erected in 1404. This is Roland, Bremen’s protector! I think he does a great job.

Britty and myself as usual decided to go to the top of bell tower. There were lots and lots of stairs, but the view was great. This was the cheapest Bell tower I have ever climbed. Only 1 Euro.

Inside the Church. Was nice, but not spectacular.

Me drinking a Becks, directly from the factory across the river! Very tasty.

The Becks factory. Unfortunately the tours are only on Thursday – Saturday! The Becks shop was however opened for business.

Somewhere in there they make the beer.

One of the smaller back streets of Bremen. A very pleasant atmosphere.

A long shot of the city. The trams where very long, most of them 4 long carriages long.

Britty and myself had a great day in Bremen. In December we are looking at doing a more comprehensive tour of Germany, and seeing a lot more of this very beautiful country. When we work out the details I will post the tour route.

Until next time, keep well. Scott

3 thoughts on “Bremen Trip

  1. As stated the other night when chatting to you I do get jealous looking at your photos. Some very cool places you’re getting to see and it looks so beautiful!!How much was the pint of Becks though?? That is what I want to know… :p


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