Go the Broncos!

Great to see that the Broncos made it to the Grand final. Let’s hope their record in Grand finals continues, and Brisbane is again the best team in the country.

Now the only difficult thing for me is finding somewhere in Germany to watch the game. Not sure what I am going to do about this yet. I am going to search the web and look for a lifeline, however I am really not confident of finding anything. I guess you never know.

Go Broncos!

5 thoughts on “Go the Broncos!

  1. yeah i do Mick! 🙂 I would never blame the Broncos, or the other clubs for SuperLeague. I would blame the ARL. I guess the game is better now their no longer in charge. I guess the same could be said for World Series Cricket when it started. People had their doubts about it and look how it turned out. It only took one year of Superleague to help make the NRL as good as it now is. I hope one day you can forget about the past, and come and be a mad Brisbane supporter again with me! Get back to your Brissy roots. 🙂 (Me hoping lots) If you know of a way to watch or listen to the game on Sunday let me know. Kimmi, that is a great plan. Know anyone with a good size internet pipe at home?


  2. My response for the moment is that you seem to be arguing that the “end justifies the means”.Let’s remember the High Court of Australia ruled that Superleague breached the Trade Practices Act in order to exist in the first place. i.e. they acted illegally in creating Superleague.So are you arguing that illegal and unethical actions are acceptable and to be cheered as long as they produce a good result?


  3. Nice call! 🙂 But if they acted “illegally” in creating Superleague, then why was the competition allowed in to commence 1997? I thought that the ARL made clubs sign an agreement that locked them into the ARL comp until 2000? Or maybe when three judges heard the appeal they changed the decision. They also stated it was the ARL that had acted “unlawfully” reasserting my original point that if you want someone to blame for Super League, you need to look no further than the ARL. Hence the reason they are no longer in charge, and the chairman at the time resigned. So to me (and the court) there is no unethical actions here on the part of Super League. What was unethical was forcing clubs into an agreement, otherwise threatening to expel them from the ARL. Mick you know me, I would never argue that doing something illegal and unethical is right, even if the outcome is exceptional. 🙂


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