Physical Work

In IT we pay people to dig and run conduits and pipes into the ground, and for good reason! Today I did some work that required me to help install pipes to a grey water tank (similar to 2 inch conduit for comms), that was buried deep in the ground. The excavator did most of the hard digging, but we were required to connect all the pipes and put a few new holes into the solid concrete tanks.

To say this type of work is exhausting is an understatement. I found myself, digging, pounding dirt with a “Wacker”, jack hammering a water tank to put 3 major holes in it, and jumping in and out of the ditches. After the day I am extremely exhausted, and it has left me craving my nice comfy office, with air con, and a fast computer! Hell, even getting my work scrutinised by some type of IT change request board is easy compared to this!

I really don’t know how the other guys manage this work daily. It is freaking hard, and I have huge respect for them, doing it day in day out! After just one day I am buggered! Lucky it is only a once a week thing for me, however I some how feel it is going to take me almost a week to recover. At least it is all good experience, and maybe one day this type of experience might be helpful.

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