Random Comments!

It isn’t like me to write a post like this, however I really can’t just sit back and not say anything. I have thought about making random comments before but just never got around to it.

Most Australian’s that I know who live overseas keep a track of what is going on back home. When I woke last week and found 3 instant messages telling me to check the news I too was stunned that The Croc Hunter had been killed. What a sad moment for Australia. This was also big news in Germany. Newspapers, TV, and radio all relayed the news. The Croc Hunter was very well known in Germany, and most people I know were also shocked. The legacy will live on!

Being a Holden fan I also have to pay tribute to Peter Perfect. The guy was a winner, and a legend of the sport.

I am also happy that Josh and my mate, Pete B (for those of you that remember Josh and I met the Premier in the city one night), was returned as the Premier of QLD. There really was no other option, but I also put this down to Pete’s dynamic leadership over the past years. The labour party decimated the other side in previous elections, leaving them with only a handful of sitting members. As a result it means they have problems producing anything of significance. Maybe if they change their strategy from slander and criticism to producing some viable alternative, they may one day gain back some votes.

There is lots of Poker on TV in Deutschland! When I first got to Germany, I also seemed to win heads up poker matches against Britty. Now she is on a run, and has beaten me 3 times in a row!

It was 5 years ago that September 11th shocked most of us. I clearly remember watching the TV that night, and seeing the 2nd plane hit the tower. I remember walking into work the next day, and hearing almost nothing. A university that was usually busy with people was quite, you could almost hear a pin drop. No one was talking, most people looked stunned. It was a very weird feeling.

On the weekend my team, the Broncos, failed to win another finals match in the NRL. This means they have failed to win one for at least 3 seasons. When they do finally win one, watch out!

The Brisbane Bullets basketball team finally look like they have put together a winning team. Maybe this season will be better for the Bullets, provided that Burton plays up to expectation, and injuries don’t stuff it for us!

On the topic of basketball, Andy and myself have a new favourite for “Dancing with the Stars”. None other than our most favourite player of all time, Andrew Gaze! I am really really disappointed (of course) that I am not in Australia to see it. Maybe some good people out there could tape for me and send it on. I would be really keen to see Gaze falling on his arse, and complaining to the judges that he was pushed by a Bullets player!

Since I have been in Germany, I have heard many Australian songs on the radio that most Brisbane radio stations no longer play. The first time I heard Vanessa Amorosi’s I was shocked, but I was more shocked when I heard 3 of her songs during one work day!

I think most people in Australia have seen those dodgey adds where they try to entice single males to call special numbers to speak to “girls”. In Germany those adds take it to the next level with almost full nudity after 10pm at night.

That’s about it for now. When I think of more random comments I will post them. Feel free to make a comment. Bye for now. Scott

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