Mallorca – Part #2

Well I have to once again apologise for taking forever to place the next installment of the Mallorca photos. I have decided to break the photos into three installments, mainly because I don’t want to load up too many at once. These photos are from the middle section of the holiday.

A photo of the wonderful breakfast that was prepared almost every morning. It seemed that everyone was keen to get into the kitchen and do something. I tried but in most cases was usually kicked out, or found there was no room. I pretty much just decided it was my job to help clean up. Thanks everyone for the great food!

On Thursday we took a trip to Soller, on the Palma to Soller train. This train was a rickety old train that was built in the early 1900s and somehow it managed to stay on the tracks! It was a very picturesque trip, one that I thoroughly enjoyed. The train passed through some 12 tunnels, and climbed over and through the mountain to the beautiful Soller.

One of the scenes looking from a stop on the train.

When we got to Soller we decided to take a look around. The streets were similar to Palma, very narrow, and only room for cars on some. Many of the shops were closed for siesta. Once again our body clocks were not running in tandem with the locals!

The Soller port was beautiful. Lots of expensive looking boats and big houses on the hills!

The next day we took a trip to the beach. The beach was at Es Trenc, and was very beautiful. The water was warm, and the beach was packed. This beach was very liberal! I even saw a woman walking along completely naked. In some countries you would get arrested for that.

The next day we decided to take an afternoon drive to the beautiful little town of Valldemossa. This was a wonderful place. Small, and represents the true Mallorca and Spanish lifestyle. I really enjoyed this because it got away from the touristy, areas that we had visited in the past few days.

Another photo from Valldemossa.

This is an example of a Valldemossa back yard. Pretty different to the ones we have in Australia.

One of the areas in Valldemossa where you can get a drink and just relax.

Britty with Corinna.

As we continued our trip around the Island, I stopped to take this photo. If you look at the top right of the photo there is a house that is like literally out on a ledge! What a view!

Photos of the coast. This was an amazing drive.

Andratx, the home of many rich and famous. A very beautiful place. The Real Estate prices here were quite expensive!

Another photo of the Port of Andratx. So many huge boats. The pictures really can’t capture this places beauty.

More to come tomorrow. Bye for now. Scott

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