London – Part 2

The next two days in London was also spent mainly site seeing. Here are the photos from Thursday and Friday in London.

Doing the tourist thing and getting a shot with the Tower Bridge in the back ground.

Photo from inside the Tower of London. This was quite an expensive attraction, but we did get a tour, and we did get to see the Crown jewels. This was pretty cool. Of course there are no photos allowed in the Vault that houses the jewels.

Me at Trafalgar Square. This is where I had arranged to meet up with Thomas K. Trafalgar Square has a really good atmosphere. The day was warm and everyone had their feet in the water of the fountains.

Me with Thomas, before Thomas had to go back and do some more work. He also gave me a good indication what it is like to live and work in London.

St Paul’s Cathedral was our next stop. Beautiful building.

The view from the top of the tower at St Paul’s Cathedral. Some 535 stairs but well worth it once again.

Me as a spec in the distance on the stairs at St Paul’s Cathedral. It is damn huge.

The mandatory photo of the telephone box.

The Temple Church. Was closed and couldn’t go inside.

Some of the many stage shows playing in London.

Didn’t have time to go in but walked pasted Shakespeare’s Globe.

I thought this was pretty cool, the roof of the British National museum.

As you can see we stayed in top quality in London. This was expensive enough!!

We had a great time in London. The only problem was having to catch a 6:25am flight on Saturday from London’s Stansted Airport. We needed to get out of bed at 2am, get a Taxi to Victoria Bus Station, and then go on an hour and a half long bus ride to the airport.

We ended up getting to the airport at about 4:30am, which was good because we arrived just before Ryan Air check in opened. We ended up with quite a good Sequence Number for the flight (i.e. who boards first), but in the end this didn’t matter at all because Ryan Air called families first, then Sequence numbers 1 – 90!

For those who have never been to Stansted, everyone waits in a lounge area until their plane is ready for boarding. Once your flight is ready, everyone gets on a train, that runs you to the boarding gate. This is a great idea, however the boarding gate lounge is way to small for the amount of people it needs to cater for.

So as soon as they called numbers 1 – 90, all people for the flight, crammed into this tiny area, started pushing, and shoving their way toward the front. It was absolute mayhem, and chaoss. The Ryan Air staff had no way of turning away people with a higher sequence number because there was just no where for them to go. In the end they just let them on.

We ended up with seats right at the back of the Plane, which ended up working out really well because we were first off! All those people that pushed their way to the front of the line, who got on the front of the plane, got stuck in the customs line at Lübeck!

When we got off the Plane our luggage was fast for a change, and Britty was there to meet us. We went into Lübeck, had some breakfast, then headed home for a nap. We really needed that sleep because later we headed to the Max Disco Kiel.

Getting ready to go. Chaddy was having such a great time!! I called this, “Team Chad, Euro 2”.

The next day was Chad’s last in Kiel. We all went to the beach, then to the Beer Garden down the road for dinner. On Monday morning I drove Chad into Hamburg, where he stayed one more night, then headed out to China on Tuesday.

Overall, it was a great trip.

Bye for now. Scott

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