London – Part 1

After Prague we took an EasyJet flight to London. In London we were staying at the Generator Hostel, the largest hostel in London. The hostel was located near Russell Square, which is pretty central, and gave us a good base for exploring the city.

We arrived pretty late on the Tuesday afternoon from London’s Gatwick Airport as a result of it taking approximately 1 hour to get our luggage (AGAIN!!!!!). I guess by this stage we were getting use to this, so it wasn’t so bad. The trip from Gatwick to Central London wasn’t so bad. We took a fast train from the airport to Victoria Train Station, and then we used the Underground to get from their to the hostel. The most difficult part was finding the little hole in the wall, which was the path way to the hostel. It was a relief to make it and finally sit down!

The next day we went out on foot to see as much of the city as we could. Here are some of the photos from the 1st day. There are lots (of course!) so I have broken the post down into two.

The first thing you see when you come into London on the train. The Eye of London is pretty huge. We didn’t go on it because it was a little expensive for our budget.

I remember Chris J, who was originally (and I guess still is) from England, telling me that “Big Ben is a F*N Legend”. After seeing it, I couldn’t agree more.

I like this photo.

This is as close as you can get to the Prime Ministers house. I don’t think he was home on that day.

The Houses of Parliament. Very Very nice building, impossible to fit in one shot with my camera from this close. Unfortunately we missed out on the chance to tour it. Tours started the following week!

The entrance to Westminster Abbey. We waited here for quite some time to get in. It was well worth the 10 pounds!

Was very difficult to get a photo in front of the abbey without other people getting in the way. This was after we had finished our tour. We spent almost two hours inside. It really is quite a strange feeling to be walking around in there, on peoples tombs. Also some very famous peoples remains live in there. Quite cool really.

Photo in front of Buckingham Palace.

Couldn’t resist this photo opportunity. At the gates of the Palace. Had to fight the crowds to get this photo.

A very busy Oxford Street. Lots of tourists! So many tourists.

Did the trip to Harrods. Even bought a UK power adaptor there. Was surprisingly cheaper than the hostels rate.

For the Queen Lovers out there. The “We Will Rock You” stage show.

Lots of walking was taking its toll. Next day we would do everything on the Underground.

The first day ended with some Drinks with Monty, who didn’t have too much trouble coming in for a few beers. Was good to hear that he has a job.

After a few drinks we pretty much decided to call it a day, and get some sleep. Next day we planned to meet up with Thomas K for lunch, and we also wanted to checkout the Tower of London. I will post the photos later. Bye for now. Scott

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