Well lets start from the beginning!

As most of you know, Chad arrived from Australia on the 19th of July for part 3 of his tour around the world. On the first night Chad got here, we pretty much just had a quite night, and Chad caught up on some sleep.
On the 20th of July, I decided it would be nice to take Chad around Kiel. This tour was of course always going to be on bike. We rode around the main parts of Kiel, got some lunch and then headed back to our place for some dinner. Chad was lucky as he had the privilege of riding the Wizard of OZ bike. Check out the photos.

What a photo. Chad with his first experience on the OZ bike. Lets just say he wasn’t really that keen about riding it!

And another one!

What else should you have for lunch in Germany? I think Chad really enjoyed this big sausage!

After dinner one of Britty’s friends, Nadine, came around and joined us for a trip to a German night club. I call this “Team Chad, Euro team 1”. As you can tell, Chad was very much enjoying himself!!

On Friday the 21st of July we headed to Prague. The flight was at 7:15pm German time from Hamburg Airport. Our flights were with Czech Airlines, and everything went very smoothly. The only issue we had was at Prague Airport, when it took about 1 hour for our bags to come from the plane.
When we finally got to our hostel, it was about 11pm. We checked in, and walked into the room, and met our American room mate. He was quick to introduce us to one Prague night club. It wasn’t really my taste in night club, but it was still quite interesting. The thing that sticks in my mind was this stage area that was covered in by glass. Inside the glass area, there were people giving patrons of the club free haircuts. Each person would go in, and come out with the strangest haircut you have ever seen! Girls with long hair, were coming out with full on Mullets! After a couple of hours of this, we got stick of it and headed back to the hostel.
More to come later. Enjoy! Scott

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