Travel Plans – July

Next Wednesday, one of my friends, Chad (for those that don’t know him, that is him on the right!), arrives from Australia for an 11 day stop over. Chad had already planned a trip to the US for his cousins wedding, so he decided to take advantage of knowing someone in Germany, and decided to come and visit Britta and myself.

Over the past few weeks, Chad and myself have spent a lot of time on the phone and the Internet searching for things to do during his stay in Europe. Finding something, or some place that Chad hasn’t been is pretty difficult, because he has been to Europe a few times before. This is how our itinerary looks for his stay.

Wednesday 19th July – Chad arrives at Hamburg International air at 6:30pm. Britty and myself are picking Chad up, and we are staying in Kiel. When we get back to Kiel I think a few drinks are in order.

Thursday 20th July – Quite day in Kiel, and then out for dinner, and some partying. Might give Chad a chance to catch up on some sleep.

Friday 21st July – Britty drives Chad and myself to Hamburg airport where we get our flight to Prague. Flights leaves at 7:15pm getting us to Prague at 9:00pm.

Saturday 22nd to Tuesday 25th July – Prague site seeing, and a little bit of partying. Staying at Miss Sophies Hostel for the 4 nights. Lots of attractions to check out in Prague.

Tuesday 25th July – Fly out of Prague to London in the afternoon. Get to London at 4pm.

Wednesday 26th to Friday 28th July – London site seeing. Hopefully catching up with Thomas K from Australia.

Saturday 29th July – Fly out of London to Lübeck. Britty is picking us up, and we are heading back to Hamburg for a night out. Looking to head to the Reeperbahn, Hamburg’s red light and party district. Team Chad will be at work this night!

Sunday 30th July – Hamburg site seeing. In the afternoon, we will be heading back to Kiel for a good rest and some sleep.

Monday 31st July – Kiel site see on bikes. Chad gets the bike with the basket!

Tuesday 1st August – Drive Chad back to the airport in Hamburg for his flight to China.

Should be a good time!!

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