Project Paint

When you are an IT person, much of the day is spent sitting at a computer, fixing some problem. As you can expect sitting most of the day, you don’t get the opportunity to do any physical work. At my last job, the most physical task involved lifting some heavy network devices every once in a while. Other than that, there really wasn’t much to raise a sweat with. (Some of course may argue, there is a good chance you will sweat if everything starts to crash around you!!)

Being in Germany, and only having very limited knowledge of the language, really doesn’t serve well for finding an IT job. In the first few months while I am learning as much German as my head can handle, I have lots of free time. So to help me out, Britty’s parents have been nice enough to give me a few little projects around their house. This not only means I have something to do, but it means I am required to speak German, because they only speak a little English. It makes things a little difficult, but so far we have managed pretty well.

The first project was to re-paint the shed/cottage in the Garden. Firstly, I sanded it back, and then gave it two coats of paint. I also put some new sand under and around the shed. With all the rain here, it is pretty easy for the soil to wash away. Check out the finished product.

The Shed, Finished!!!
Me doing some physical type work. Who would have thought?

And again, just to prove it!

Close up of the finished product.

Now it looks like a scene from a movie! 🙂

Doing physical work has certainly been a real change. For now I am liking it, but I dare say after 6 or 7 months, I will want back in IT . For now it is a great way to improve my German, and if I want to find an IT job in Germany, this is just what I need.

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