My Prayers have been answered!

Yesterday I posted a rant about how stupid it is that only 2 of the four games in the final round of the Soccer World Cup are being shown on German free to air TV. I checked last night, and the Danish TV stations are doing a delayed telecast. I would love to know the reason for this decision, so if anyone has any ideas please let me know. There maybe a perfectly logical explanation. I still think the host nation should do its best to offer each game on Free to Air.

After my post I received a comment from Olaf (Odro), telling me that the game was on live on pay tv. It just so happens that Odro has pay tv, and Olaf and Schners have invited myself and Britty over to watch that game!!!! I would like to publicly thank them for their hospitality in helping out an Aussie!!!

One more thing!


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