Big Game for Australia

Today is a massive game for the Socceroos! I can’t wait to see if Australia can make it to the round of 16. The only problem is that in the last round of the the first stage of the World Cup, they have moved to having 4 games per day, and only two of the games are selected for German TV. I have no doubt they will choose to show Brazil over the Australian game, and Australian fans in Germany will be left to view the 5 minutes of highlights put on by the networks after the “main” game is finished!

Have they not heard of a delayed telecast? Why not show both games? What about all the fans that have traveled to Germany, who do not have tickets to their teams last pool match, and are still on holidays here spending money? Shouldn’t the networks play the games for these people? What’s going on?

Here in Kiel I have noticed that I can also receive some Danish TV stations. Maybe the Danish TV stations will show the match! I can only hope.


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