Cigarettes Stink!

In Australia, when you enter a shopping centre, a movie theatre, or an indoor restaurant, you can enjoy the experience without having to put up with the smell of cigarettes!

Here in Germany people seem to smoke where ever, or whenever they like. In cinemas, in shopping centres, small food outlets, even behind the counter. It seems you can’t go anywhere without someone blowing smoke in your face.

On Saturday night we walked past a Subway store in the centre of town. The store was closed but I noticed that an employee who was cleaning the counter had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth! While “cleaning,” he was spraying ash all over the place!! I can’t say this wouldn’t happen in Australia, but the consequences if caught would be serve. Here it seems to be excepted.

It just seems amazing to me, that from what we know about smoking, and how detrimental it is to our health, other countries have not started to introduce anti-smoking regulations.

Here in Germany cigarettes are easy to access and they are still very cheap. Packs range from 2– 4 euros, at the local super market. There is no need to line up at a special desk, you just grab them out of big baskets and throw them in with your shopping.

There is nothing worse them coming home after dinner and having the smell of unwanted cigarette smoke in your clothes, hair, and mouth. Australia, I really really miss those anti-smoking regulations!

4 thoughts on “Cigarettes Stink!

  1. Dude, what’s with all the template changes?Oh, according to the Sunday Mail the other week the German translation of our world famous warcry is “aussi, aussi, aussi, hoi, hoi, hoi”Use those words wisely…


  2. Hi Scott & Britta,New anti-smooking Laws in QLD started today which mean that you CANNOT smoke in a licensed venue…Geoff said the Woolshed will never smell the same again! Love Geoff & Rosy


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