Summer Summer Summer!!!!

Hi everyone. Summer has finally arrived in Germany!!!

It has almost been 4 weeks since I arrived in Germany, and I can tell you it is a relief to finally see the Sun! For the first 3 weeks, I have seen the Sun for a total of 10 hours (If we were lucky it would fine up in the afternoon for an hour or two)!

Over the past week, the weather has improved, and the Sun is now shining consistently. Temperatures have also risen to about 24° during the day. This prompted Britty and myself to take a day trip to a beach outside of Kiel. It was still too cold to swim, but I took a few nice photos, and we had a round of Mini-Golf (in which I was victorious, by a few strokes!!).

Check out the photos.

The pictures say it all! Let’s hope this weather hangs around for a while!!

The other aspect of the German Summer that I am still coming to terms with, is the length of the days. Here in Northern Germany, the sun starts to rise about 4:30am and doesn’t disappear in the night until about 11pm.

This is a big shock for someone coming from South East QLD, where there is no daylight saving, and in most cases you go to bed at night, not day! Countless times I have been caught out thinking it is only about 5pm, but it was actually more like 9pm. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it!!! The fact that you can go out after work, and do something is brilliant!

My question is how do farmers in Germany cope? How do the cows cope? It must just be QLD cows that complain about an “extra hour” of sunlight!

4 thoughts on “Summer Summer Summer!!!!

  1. Man, I’m glad you are excited about summer… it’s only just beginning here and it’s like 44 degrees… and getting very very very HOT!! God knows what summer is like here, 99% humidity and over 50 haha.The guys told me that when you walk outside, it’s hard to breath because it’s so hot and heavy. Also your sunglasses and wrist watch instantly fog up when you walk outside.I actually had sought of this experience in Oman, when the hot hot wind was blowing, that hot air gets sucked down your throat, so it is harder to breath…Looking forward to it hey, will be excellent! 😛 haha.


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