Two weeks ago Britty and myself decided to go to Hamburg for a weekend to take in the sites of Germany’s second largest city. Hamburg is a port city, and is the second largest port in Europe.

Hamburg is more than just a big port! Hamburg has some beautiful architecture, has the second most bridges of any city in the world, and has a very good public transport system, that even tourists can work out!

Our hotel was located a little way from the city, however accessing the city centre was a breeze on the underground “U” rail network. We saw many sites, and I guess a picture represents a 1000 words.

First stop was the famous Fish Markets. So many people, so much fish, Fruit, vegetables, and so much rubbish!

Believe it or not this was taken at 9am Sunday morning. This is a hall at the Fish Markets where people continue drinking after the night clubs close! It was packed with people drink large amounts of beer! There was also lots of shameless dancing to the live band. This apparently happens every week.

Britty on our port cruise. We wanted to do an English Language tour, but the conditions were so bad, we couldn’t bare the thought of getting in a tiny boat on the very very rough water!

Cruise Ship Terminal.

Cruise Ship

One of the huge Container Ships. From memory I think this one holds something like 4000 containers.

Me in front of the beautiful Town Hall Building in the centre of Hamburg.

Hamburg City Centre in the distance from our city tour bus

Picture from one of Hamburg’s many bridges. These buildings are Warehouses for storing goods ship to the port from other countries.

Another photo from a bridge. Lots and lots of boats.

A church in the distance that stands as a reminder of the World Wars. It was burnt out during the war, and now stands as a Memorial to those lost to war.

Some of the houses along the river. Not too shabby!

Picture taken from the Hamburg Dungeon. The Dungeon takes you through some of the horrors that have occurred in Hamburg. It is a museum, but with actors!

The very famous Reeperbahn.

On the way back to the hotel I decided to stop for a drink in front of the Bank. Drinking in public places is very common in Germany. I did however stop short of opening a beer on the train, which is common practice for some locals!

2 thoughts on “Hamburg

  1. Wow, public drinking in public spaces, yeah I guess they can because they are responsible about it like in Japan, I heard people are allowed to drink on the trains there, but they usually don’t. But they still have the freedom too, because they are resonsible citizens.Great photos, biggest port city in Germany hey! Wow, my company might even have a wireless network at these ports for all I know. Ask me anything about ports and I know now haha, RTG cranes, reach stackers, TEU’s. It’s quite amazing to stand underneath these cranes and see how they get the containers off the ship, these guys operating the cranes are extremely skilled and efficient. The sit at the top and have to place the container on the truck to lock into the holes, so they need accuracy to within a centimetre, and from the 40 metre height they are at, the container is like a match box, haha. But they get it in, is very challenging.


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