David R still up to his old tricks!

Doesn’t seem to matter where I go, David is always at work, using his Photoshop skills for the good of mankind. Whether it be me with 2 heads, or just enjoying a nice friendly chat with a guy dressed in traditional German clothing, you can count on David to offer up something special.

Thanks again Dave!! Here it is!!

Scotto drinking with a new mate

3 thoughts on “David R still up to his old tricks!

  1. Hey man!Great photo, I remember taking that photo of you at the German club in Brisbane 🙂 hehe. That was a great night.I miss being able to do stuff like this, Griffith’s work environment is definately unique, well, within the IT department anyway.Cool, you put a link to my blog, thanks! I didn’t even know I could put up links, I had never bothered. I will add yours to mine. Ok everyone, cya!David R.


  2. No problems Dave. There were a few other good photos from that night at the German club. You still got any of the others? I bet your site has been getting heaps of traffic now that I have posted your link on my site!! At this time I am not really missing GU, but I guess I am on a pretty long holiday. Better get back to doing nothing! :)beaste1980


  3. Well, I checked how many people have viewed my profile and it has not gone up at all haha. I have about 30-40 people accessing mine that I know of… I don’t make it publicly visible to prevent blog spam, it’s quite terrible how much of it there is. I told everyone they don’t need to post comments, just to read it if they get time. I might make another blog, public, for another topic. So I might have a few blogs later on hey.


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