Singapore Stop Over

On the 10th of May I headed to Singapore for a 2 night stopover. This trip was mainly planned to help me breakup the long journey to Germany, but it also gave me the opportunity to do some exploring.

If you like shopping then Singapore is the place for you! Doesn’t matter where you go or which way you walk, you are bound to find a shopping mall that suits your needs. In the 8 hours I spent walking around the city, I must have visited 10 different shopping areas, and walked past about a dozen more.

The shopping malls are very large. Hundreds of shops, in multi-level buildings, with People everywhere! I guess these malls are not only a great place to shop, but a fantastic place to get out of the hot muggy conditions ! I thought Cairns was bad!

I took many photos in Singapore, here are just a few.

Photo from an over street foot bridge on the way to the largest fountain in the world, “The Fountain of Wealth”

Me at “The Fountain of the Wealth”. I was very disappointed to find it switched off!!!!

I like this idea. A count down that tells people exactly how many seconds are left before the “Green Man” changes to a “Red Man”.

Very busy Orchard Road! Lots of shops and people.

One of the many shopping complexes with many levels.

Saw a few of these.

I also had to sample the Singapore Beer, “Tiger”! It was very very nice, and great after 8 hours of walking.

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